Our factory is equipped with national and international  modern machines, that can be easily adjusted  so we can always attend our clients with quality and punctuality. Some or our machines were specially projected and set up  by our team with the intention of supplying products with personalized characteristics for our customers.

In that way, we can produce slates  with a variety of models, sizes and characteristics, always according to our customers' demands.

Our slate is cut and gauged with special tools in diamonds so that we can always offer products of quality.

GRUPO MINAR - Brazilian Slate Manufacturer
Head Office: Rua Juca Cândido, 588 - Sala 02 - Bairro Jardim Cambuí - 35700-060 - Sete Lagoas - MG - Brasil
Factory: Rodovia BR 040 - KM 416 - São José da Lagoa - 35790-000 - Curvelo- MG - Brasil
aacomex@minar.com.br | Phone/Fax.: +55 31 3772 3737 / +55 31 3772 3738